Bright Pink Floral Single Mask

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Bright Pink Floral Single Mask

Fabric details: 

Straight cut lightweight cotton, thin soft elastic. Triple layered- lining is natural un-dyed white lightweight cotton muslin, middle layer is polyester fusible interlining.

Bright multi pink floral patterned lightweight cotton. 

Notes: Elastic colour and width will vary as availability changes. Because of this, the masks you receive will not always match the photo in regards to elastic only. Width varies between 1/8" to 1/4". Shades currently in stock include: black and white. 

Design and dimensions: 

XS (Child) - face measurement height ~ 4" - mask measures 5.5"

S -face measurement height 4.5"-5" - mask measures 6"

M (Standard) -face measurement height 5"-5.5" - mask measures 6.5"

L -face measurement height 5.5"-6" - mask measures 7"

Masks are created using over-the-ear elastic loops, feature a curved centre seam and pleat once. They are intended to reach just below the bridge of your nose and curve over the top of your cheeks in a fitted style, covering both your nose and mouth completely. It is recommended to machine wash your mask after each wear without exception for the highest protection possible.

*Masks are non-medical grade and are intended for public use to reduce particulate exchange. 

Handcrafted in Toronto, Canada. 

Bright Pink Floral Single Mask