Let's take the guesswork out of creating custom pieces, finding the right bow tie for any occasion and getting your order to you on time!


I'm not sure if the piece I'm interested in will pair well with my outfit, can I see the fabric before purchasing?

We are more than happy to send you a swatch (or multiple swatches) of the fabric(s) you're interested in so you can compare and review before making a final decision. This service is free of charge, just let us know where to send to and it will be en route via letter mail right away.

What size is right for me? I can't decide between the Classic and Skinny width neckties.

Skinny Width

  • 2.5" at widest point, nearest the tip. Slims to 1" at tail end
  • Thin. Benefits: universal fit, long lines
  • 58"-60" in length

Classic Width

  • 3" at widest point, nearest the tip. Slims to 1" at tail end
  • Full. Benefits: balances taller, powerful stature 
  • 58"-60" in length

Let's narrow it down: while they're similar in shape, the 3" Classic width is best suited for anyone after a fuller, 70's-80's vibe and the 2.5" Skinny width is a modern approach to the 60's super slim neckties. Both measure between 58"-60" in length, fitting anyone under 6'5". We recommend the Skinny width for the majority of heights and body types and the Classic width for a taller and robust stature. Still unsure? One of the best ways to tell which will look best on you is to measure the width at the tip of your favourite necktie and select accordingly. We're always happy to create a custom width for you if you find neither is exactly what you're after. Reach out to us or head over to our Custom Services page.

Help! Our wedding is in two weeks and we still haven't found the perfect pieces. Will we get them in time?

Absolutely. Sometimes life comes at you and the details can get pushed to the last minute, but we can help. Since Beaux operates on a made-to-order basis, we can put you on the fast track to having everything you need in time for your celebration. By making your request into a Rush Order and choosing a faster shipping option, we can take the stress out of making sure everything will be where it needs to, in your hands. Don't panic! Shoot us an email and we can quote your entire order timeline (including shipping options). 

What are my shipping options and how do I choose one based on when I need my order?

At checkout there is Standard Shipping and Expedited Shipping available. We ship using Canada Post and use FexEx and UPS only for emergency deliveries.

Canada Post Standard Shipping details:

-To anywhere in Canada takes between 1-6 business days from the day of shipment depending on your location. Automatically ships with a tracking number.

-To the US takes between 2-8 business days from the day of shipment depending on your location. Does not ship with tracking.

-Internationally, Standard Shipping takes between 6-12 business days from the day of shipment depending on your location. Does not ship with tracking.

Canada Post Expedited Shipping details:

-For both Canada and the US decreases your delivery time by 1-4 business days depending on your location. Tracking number is included for US deliveries. 

-For international orders, decreases your delivery time by 1-4 business days depending on your location. In some cases a tracking number is included.

Need it faster or prefer tracking? Email us prior to checking out and we can offer additional delivery options. 

What are the differences in the kind of fabric Beaux uses?

Of the varieties we stock, there is a range between the natural fibres like linen, pure wool, raw silk, cotton and polyester blends. Since we do love using natural fabrics, most of our listed items will fall into this category. There are times, however, when we find gems in the polyester end of the spectrum that just cannot be passed up. Not sure what we mean? Take a peek at the difference in texture and sheen between the Midnight Navy Blue Raw Silk (raw silk), the Emerald Green (polyester/ cotton blend) and the Light Dusty Blush (linen). If you're still not sure of what textural aesthetic you're going for, drop us a line with your address attached and we can send you swatches, free of charge. 

What is the difference between the Pre-Tied and Self Tie styles?

They may look similar under your collar, but in reality they are quite different. 

Pre-Tied Style

The Pre-Tied style is a crisply defined rectangular shape with slightly rounded ends, akin to parenthesis. Each Pre-Tied bow tie is uniform and because of this, they will all look nearly identical to one another with slight differences in fullness due to fabric type. It comes in one full piece, attaching the neck strap together with a small metal clasp for an effortless execution.

Self Tie Style

The Self Tie style, specifically the Butterfly style we offer, features more of a full triangular shape that narrows to the centre and finishes in a straight flat edge. Because they can be tied differently each time, the Self Tie's bow can adjust in width, height and fullness for a perfect fit. Our version of the Self Tie style was designed with ease of removal in mind and we've included a small metal clasp along the neck strap so the bow may be left intact. This makes it easy to leave the bow tied together if you feel like you nailed it and want to keep it for the next time you wear it.

What the two styles do have in common is neck length adjustment. Both feature a metal bar that slides along the length of the neck strap so you can find your perfect fit every time.


We know the colour and/or pattern we want our pieces to be, but can't find them anywhere. How do we start the custom process?

Firstly, yay! Custom requests fuel our days. We like to start with your idea, swatch or the shade palate you're aiming for (Pinterest is a great tool for this purpose) and from there we collaborate in person or via email to find the perfect pairing. It's possible that we have what you are looking for in stock or can source a match for you. Want to get into the details? Check out our Custom Bespoke Services info.

Can I use my own fabric to have Beaux make me something special?

Well, this one is tricky. The answer for now is maybe. As part of our custom services, we can sometimes use fabric provided by customers. The best way to find out is to contact us directly and we can work together to determine if it will work. From there, if you're local to the GTA, we can organize a drop in at the studio or if you're farther away, organize receiving the fabric to test. If this is an idea you're thinking of exploring, our best suggestion would be to choose a fabric erring on the side of natural fibres. 

I left my tie/ bow tie/ pocket square folded in storage and need to wear it tonight. How do I remove the fold creases?

Don't worry, all fabric accessories can be restored to their original glory. After a quick press, it will be brand new in no time. Check out our Fabric + Care Guide for a helping hand.

Why are some of the prices different for the same pieces (ie. cotton bow tie vs. silk bow tie in the same style)?

Glad you asked, full transparency in our process and pricing is important to us!

TL:DR, it's all in the fabric cost.

Long version: The differing cost in our small batch purchased fabric pairs with the fact that we want to bring you beautiful pieces at a fair price while keeping everything handcrafted in our Toronto studio. This means that we scale the price of our pieces to reflect that difference; natural fabrics like silk and linen come at a higher price per yardage, so the difference in price reflects that. The great part of this system is that we can offer you awesome cotton prints (and rare fabric scores in other fabric, too) at competitive pricing. Even better, some of the classics we stock full time are purchased at wholesale, so we're able to buy larger quantities at a lower cost, and that allows a lower price point for you. Cheers to that!


Still have questions that aren't answered here?  Drop us a line.