A Beautiful Goodbye

After eight beautiful years, we want to say thank you for choosing bespoke, including us in your story and allowing us to tell ours.

The pandemic has been incredibly hard in so many ways: keeping us apart, spreading financial instability, continued uncertainty about our and our loved ones' health, wellbeing, and future. On the positive, I believe that it has also allowed us to realize the importance of what matters most in our lives, those who we care about most and how to honour them.

As the focus on working from home and the reality of smaller, more intimate weddings shifts, we have been searching for a foothold that will allow a space for us to continue to create for you. This prevailing tide of change has had us wondering what will best achieve our goals, celebrate our accomplishments and show us the best way forward. After much consideration over the last year, we have decided to take this opportunity of transformation to pursue a different path and have decided to close Beaux. 

We cannot thank you all enough: our amazing stockists, the couples who poured over every detail with care and intention for their celebration, those who chose to wear our pieces to work, for play and for self expression, customers who became friends, our models, our ceaseless production team who poured their heart into their craft, planners, photographers and videographers we have had the pleasure of working with, studio buddies over the years, and every single one of you who have woven Beaux into the fabric of your lives. 

After March 31st, shipping will end, but until then, please enjoy our remaining inventory at significantly reduced prices. The profit from each sale in March will be donated to Covenant House Toronto and the remaining inventory will be donated to the Dress Your Best Toronto chapter as well as 2nd Chance Employment Counselling. For each mask purchased by you in January and February of 2021, a mask was made and donated to Michael Garron Hospital Foundation, a local East Toronto hospital. 

Thank you for your company on this journey of education, design and joyful creation.