Reusable Fabric Masks


      Non-medical machine washable fabric masks.

      As shortages of affordable protection equipment fluctuates, we are offering limited runs of reusable cotton and cotton polyester fabric masks. Shipping across North America will be included. Each listing will contain dimensions for best-fit sizing.


      Measure from the bottom of your chin to just below the bridge of your nose for your best fit size. Masks are intended to be snug, but not restrictive.

      XS (Child) - face measurement height ~ 4" - mask measures 5.5"

      S - face measurement height 4.5"-5" - mask measures 6"

      M (Standard) - face measurement height 5"-5.5" - mask measures 6.5"

      L - face measurement height 5.5"-6" - mask measures 7"

      Example- for a chin to bridge of nose measurement of 5", select size S.

      *Masks are non-medical grade and are intended for public use to reduce particulate exchange. As recommended by healthcare professionals, please machine wash each mask after use without exception. For up to date information regarding health requirements, please check in with the CDC as well as your local government healthcare authorities. 

      If you have a request for specific colours or do not see a listed size that fits you, please email us directly.