How to Tie a Bow Tie Tutorial- Finishing Touches for the Style Stakes


You made it through the easy part- picking the style, feel and vibe of your race day outfit. With all these details down, you want to own it, but it’s complicated to tie it perfectly every time or maybe you are a little out of practice. We’re here to bring you right back up to speed.

 The Deighton Cup is no time to be messing around. With prizes going to the best dressed, let us help you get a head start right out of the gate- here are the Steps to the Perfect Self Tie Bow Tie:


Drape around your neck with the right side longer than the left, collar up. Cross the longer tie over the short piece. Tuck top tie under and pull up and through towards your face, creating a flat knot.


At this point the two pieces should be on the same diagonal, one up and one down. The bottom tie lays horizontally across the knot, then bring the top tie down over the centre of the thin part of the horizontal piece (it should look like an elephant’s nose at this point).


Pinch the widest part of the front piece at the back and pull through between the horizontal tie and the neck strap. Adjust bow to tighten or straighten. Neck length is adjustable along strap using metal slider with all but custom length pieces.


No shame in testing it out in front of the mirror, go get 'em, Tiger.



Shot by RichConcepts

Featuring Ryan Smith

Studio: Gastown, Vancouver

It's Worth All the Fuss; Steps to the Perfect Bow Tie

We've had a lot of questions recently about how to tie the perfect bow tie. There's a tip we tell everyone (right after showing them in person, via FaceTime and even Skype!) about getting it just right: PRACTICE. Sounds simple, we know, but to nail that shape, that balance and that volume to fit your frame, it's just the ticket to rocking a style to top off your look. Plus it will feel next level amazing when they all come to you for advice.

First things first, though. What are you working with? With so many styles out there, it's a bit daunting to approach dapper status, and let's be real, not everyone is willing to put in the effort to step it up. Here's a quick run through of the basics:


Next, how do you tie it?! Well...

Pretty easy, folks, just don't leave it until you're out the door to give it a shot.

All Self Tie Bow Ties will tie in a similar fashion and no matter the design can be customized to clasp, adjust or offer a specific length to fit you perfectly. The last step, the adjustment, is imperative to owning the style. Pull the bow tight on either side using both the edges and folded pieces until you love how it looks. If you're wearing a design that unclasps at the back, you can leave it tied how you please and remove it intact. 

It should look a little something like this:

And hey, if you don't feel like tying it at all, there's always Pre-Tied!

If you want to tune in, we're putting finishing touches on a How-To video to give you some helpful tips for every step, come on back and check it out!

The Process: A Peek Behind the Scenes

While we all love finished products, it's sometimes hard to understand the organized chaos of creating that happens behind the scenes. Here's a little peek into some of the steps we take every day to bring your custom orders to life. 

Finding out what those ideas are is just the beginning. You like silk? You're matching to these blush bridesmaid dresses? You love a bit of texture? Five, you say? Let's find the perfect shade match and pick some styles out. Sometimes we don't have exaaaactly what you're looking for in house, so off we go to search for local treasures to narrow down the hunt. Being on the computer, proudly announcing, "Hi, oh, look what we sourced for you, do you like it?" is one of the in-studio steps we take (especially with our out-of-town clients) to help narrow down the game plan. Oh, and we like snacking, too!

For our Lower Mainland friends, we book appointments to bring them right in to make sure all the specs are up to date. "See how this looks in natural light versus the pictures? Yes, that's the perfect match! Great, I like it in that style too." Its all very satisfying to plan it all out with you. 

Next, well, next we get to work.

Measure measure measure, snip snip snip and..

A little machine work here, a little hand stitching there.. (often accompanied by dancing and singing)

Et Voila! The finished pieces are all ready to be photographed, sent over, picked up or dropped off to become a part of your collection of items that are handmade with love. 

I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek into our daily process. If you want to find out more, we'd love to have you come tour the studio or even just a hello! (Visitors are the best)

Winter 2015 Twelve Ties of Christmas

If you've been following along with our Instagram, you'll be caught up with our Twelve Ties of Christmas. Here are a few highlights for a quick recap:

1st Day >December 12th: Oxblood Burgundy Linen Skinny Tie

2nd Day> December 13th: Lambie Tartan Wool Skinny Tie

3rd Day> December 14th: Custom Navy and Turquoise Polka Dotted Spliced Skinny Tie

4th Day> December 15th: Clark Check Wool Skinny Tie

5th Day> December 16th: Light Heathered Grey Cotton Skinny Tie

6th Day> December 17th: Call it Karma Dark Navy and Off-White Patterned Skinny Tie

7th Day> December 18th: Custom Silk Printed Eleven Galaxies Skinny Tie

8th Day> December 19th: Dark Sage Self Tie Bow Tie

9th Day> December 20th: Matte Black Herringbone Wool Skinny Tie

10th Day> December 21st: Black is the New Black Polka Dotted Skinny Tie

11th Day> December 22nd: Dark Emerald Raw Silk Self Tie Bow Tie

12th Day> December 23rd: Burgundy Wine Silk Self Tie Bow Tie

Happy Holidays to all the Dappers out there!!

Fall Love in Point Grey

A Fall Fairytale Wedding in Greyscale and Peach Blush Linen.

It is a truly magical season in Vancouver; colours are turning, the wind is picking up and the slow fade of heat ushers in the season of cosy comfort. Two lovely humans said their I do's in Point Grey in early October under the sunshine.

The glowing bride wore a sweetheart mermaid gown from Lisa's Bridal, her hair was drawn up perfectly by North Shore's Samantha Green with flawless makeup by Jasmine Hoffman, bringing together some of Vancouver's most coveted professional artists. 



With the groom and groomsmen in muted grey custom suits from Gastown's atelier, Indochino, and the bridesmaids in deep shale hued floor length dresses, the soon-to-be-wed couple came in to find a custom colour for their bridal ties that would both accent and pair effortlessly with their chosen greyscale. Lia and Mike deliberated on a blush shade that would work to compliment instead of perfectly matching their florals. 

The final choice after some narrowing down was a light Peach Blush Linen that gave a gentle pop of colour without overtaking the couple's well curated palate. 

When you know what you want, the rest falls into place. :)

At the end of the night's "I love you's" and "I love you, too's," the families joined together on the dance floor and the new Ramsays began their happily ever after. 


Photos: Ainsley Rose Photography

Venue: The Brock House Restaurant