The Process: A Peek Behind the Scenes

While we all love finished products, it's sometimes hard to understand the organized chaos of creating that happens behind the scenes. Here's a little peek into some of the steps we take every day to bring your custom orders to life. 

Finding out what those ideas are is just the beginning. You like silk? You're matching to these blush bridesmaid dresses? You love a bit of texture? Five, you say? Let's find the perfect shade match and pick some styles out. Sometimes we don't have exaaaactly what you're looking for in house, so off we go to search for local treasures to narrow down the hunt. Being on the computer, proudly announcing, "Hi, oh, look what we sourced for you, do you like it?" is one of the in-studio steps we take (especially with our out-of-town clients) to help narrow down the game plan. Oh, and we like snacking, too!

For our Lower Mainland friends, we book appointments to bring them right in to make sure all the specs are up to date. "See how this looks in natural light versus the pictures? Yes, that's the perfect match! Great, I like it in that style too." Its all very satisfying to plan it all out with you. 

Next, well, next we get to work.

Measure measure measure, snip snip snip and..

A little machine work here, a little hand stitching there.. (often accompanied by dancing and singing)

Et Voila! The finished pieces are all ready to be photographed, sent over, picked up or dropped off to become a part of your collection of items that are handmade with love. 

I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek into our daily process. If you want to find out more, we'd love to have you come tour the studio or even just a hello! (Visitors are the best)