• We, the Timeless FW15 Styling Diary
  • Jesse Robinson
We, the Timeless FW15 Styling Diary

If you aren't already following Curtis and Graeme Drummond at We, the Timeless, it's about time you check them out. It's as simple as it gets, folks. They're just two Canadian men with a blog collective and a serious sense of personal style. Their mission: “to share with our reader the confidence of looking good and the desire to squeeze every drop from life,” resonates with confident stylemakers and those searching for their own aesthetic identity alike. Without words, they're here to show the world just who they are and who they're striving to be. 

With a refreshing set of eyes behind the lens, photographer Vanessa Petays and dapper model Curtis showcased some pieces from our Fall/Winter15 lineup. The results encompass the great clean lines, daring combinations and a focus on the details that make an outfit pop that we at Beaux are continually inspired by. 

Beaux Autumn Floral Skinny Tie || Styled by Curtis Drummond

Beaux Pixels Pre-Tied Bow Tie &

Beaux Geometrics Pocket Square  || Styled by Curtis Drummond


If you're loving these two as much as we are, go ahead and follow them on Instagram: @wethetimeless and @vanpetays. 

  • Jesse Robinson