• Stand Out in Camouflage
  • Jesse Robinson
Stand Out in Camouflage

So lets chat camo.  Although camoflouge print is traditionally used to blend into the background for troops on duty, this Spring it is going to be a way to stand out from the crowd and make a stylin' statement. 

Last week Beaux had its very first photo and video shoot (stay tuned for the release coming up), and we had an amazing time with the crew that came together one chilly Sunday in Vancouver! 

One bow tie that especially inspired us for styling ideas was our camo bow. Lady or gentleman, dressed up or dressed down, this bow tie is quite the chameleon - giving us some great styles to play with. We love it paired with khaki and denim for the men, and studs & leather for the ladies.

Because its our favourite, Beaux has decided to make this our featured product of the week - check out our homepage for the 5 day special pricing!

Here are a few sneek peaks of our shoot and how you can get the look. Special credit to Brennan Suche for photography, as well as Mackenzie Porter and Andrew Rowan... for just being extremely good looking.

West Coast Camo

Camo Beaux tie - Worn by Andrew

Get the look:

Camo Beaux tie - Worn by Mackenzie

Get the look:

  • Jesse Robinson