A Modern Gentleman

Considerate. Classy. Respectful. Some words we would use to describe a gentleman. Although many women believe such men are hard to find in this day and age, they are indeed still out there, and possibly more than ever.  A gentleman is not defined by paying the dinner bill, a social standard in the days when women were not treated as equals. Nor is he defined by his upbringing. In reality, there are many ways to define a gentleman.

A modern gentleman is respectful towards others, but displays this respect in his own way; he may open doors for his lady, cook dinner for his parents, ride his bike now and again (with the environment in mind of course), or plan a surprise birthday for his best bud. When it comes to his style, he is an ethical consumer, each day dressing with the desire to put his best foot forward, yet always staying true to his personal brand.

At Beaux, this is the kind of man we aim to serve. With elements of vintage and dapper mixed with modern patterns and trends, bringing out the playful personality of modern gentlemen is our vision as a brand.

A styled shoot:

Ft. The Dotted skinny tie in navy blue

Grey chambray pre-tied bow tie and skinny tie with navy and white suspenders.