• Hawaiian Floral: Then and Now
  • Jesse Robinson
Hawaiian Floral: Then and Now

Yep, we all knew them. Those obnoxiously colourful, in-your-face floral, short-sleeve but loose-fitting hawaiian button-ups many of our fathers sported to BBQ's, family reunions, and heck, even the odd dinner out.

My own father stepped it up a notch and wore some of these said hawaiian prints on sarongs, which he called "pareos" (pair-ray-yous) - the traditional Tahitian word for wraparound skirt. He learned this, of course, while spending his "hippy days" sailing around the South Pacific. Needless to say, growing up my dad was usually the peculiar one out of my group of friends. And if I'm being honest I may have subbed the word mortifying for peculiar a few times. A few as in a hundred.

Ten plus years later, I'm proud to say he's the coolest dad around. My friends also think he's the bees knees, so I guess it worked out okay.

But back to the floral. Basically, it's a big trend in menswear this Spring/Summer season - done tastefully I might add. From roses to hawaiian, small to big, floral is back in great way. Here's a little peak at the then and now to kick us off (notice the fitted style and more tame collar of the right hand "now" side):

For the modern man, this new floral trend can be a little daunting. And it's true, there is a fine line between tasteful and tacky. We decided to style a look featuring our Hawaiian Floral tie, because starting off with a floral tie can be a substantial step in the right direction.

We think it goes well with an untucked button up and a great pair of jeans. Finish the look with sunnies and sneakers and you're ready to hit the town in style.

So Dad, I dedicate this little blog post to you. Happy fathers day, to you and all the other awesome and quirky dads out there!

  • Jesse Robinson