• How to Tie a Bow Tie Tutorial- Finishing Touches for the Style Stakes
  • Jesse Robinson
How to Tie a Bow Tie Tutorial- Finishing Touches for the Style Stakes


You made it through the easy part- picking the style, feel and vibe of your race day outfit. With all these details down, you want to own it, but it’s complicated to tie it perfectly every time or maybe you are a little out of practice. We’re here to bring you right back up to speed.

 The Deighton Cup is no time to be messing around. With prizes going to the best dressed, let us help you get a head start right out of the gate- here are the Steps to the Perfect Self Tie Bow Tie:


Drape around your neck with the right side longer than the left, collar up. Cross the longer tie over the short piece. Tuck top tie under and pull up and through towards your face, creating a flat knot.


At this point the two pieces should be on the same diagonal, one up and one down. The bottom tie lays horizontally across the knot, then bring the top tie down over the centre of the thin part of the horizontal piece (it should look like an elephant’s nose at this point).


Pinch the widest part of the front piece at the back and pull through between the horizontal tie and the neck strap. Adjust bow to tighten or straighten. Neck length is adjustable along strap using metal slider with all but custom length pieces.


No shame in testing it out in front of the mirror, go get 'em, Tiger.



Shot by RichConcepts

Featuring Ryan Smith

Studio: Gastown, Vancouver

  • Jesse Robinson